Welcome to Durham University General Larp Society!

(a.k.a. DUGL or DUGGLE)

Live Action Roleplay (LARP) could be described as a quirky amalgamation of Dungeons & Dragons, theatre, and improvisation. In a LARP game, we roleplay as characters in a given setting, and physically act out and say what they do (that’s the live bit), as well as sometimes dressing up like our characters. We do combat using hitpoints, foam swords, and simple calls to represent magic and other abilities. It can be anything from very dramatic and emotional to absurdly silly, and sometimes both at the same time, so there are plenty of roleplay styles to try!

DUGL tries to be a very accessible way to get into and enjoy LARP; we use simple rules that are easy to pick up, provide weapons, and don’t require people to dress up, though some people choose to do so. Typically we have two alternating games running each term during 3 hour sessions on Friday evenings, and have other games and workshops running on some Tuesdays or at the weekend.

If this sounds like fun, then come to DUGL! You don’t need to bring or prepare anything, just turn up and play!