Me Hearties

Me Hearties: a game of pirate adventure! Players will play the Pirate Captains, Magicians and Specialists who run the island of Freedom Cove, dealing with magic, law enforcers, strange ruins and monsters!

Pirates have always been around – setting up in small coves, running from port to port to avoid authorities. But with the discovery of the Cardinal Islands, they found a new opportunity – to set up the port of Freedom Cove, a place with no laws!

The pirates exist in an anarchy. While there are agreements, all that binds them is their word. The pirates raid shipping to become rich, and come as go as they please. 

For what decisions are needed to be made, they go to the Council of Pirates, which is held on the centre of the island, hosted by the islands spirit, after bargains with the first landing magicians. The decisions are made by whoever is their, and there is no way to force one pirate to obey the majority. There are few rules, but the code states:

  • No Pirate shall steal from another Pirate if not in a feud
  • No Pirate shall kill another Pirate if not in a feud
  • No Pirate shall attempt to harm the Island Spirit

These are just codes – guidelines, not rules.

While some come to the Council to make decisions that affect the island, others come for adventure! There are dangerous beasts to slay, treasures to find, and stories to be lived!

Game information

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