The main setting of Speakeasy is the city of New York in 1958, except our story takes place not in the city as it is known by the mundane and common folk, but instead as it is known by the magic folk. With New York the centre of the United Nations who have begun to regulate more heavily on magical creatures, the schools of magic have begun to move their political operations there, strange goings on are happening and with greater law there has come to be opportunity.


In a bar known as the Volstead, the Bar-Keeper wipes down the bar as the incessant crows that exist above the bar circle ahead, a prophecy of difficult times. The Volstead is where the Magical Private Investigators are found, the most effective method of solving cases where magic is involved. Many have come to be the principal contact for those who desire political, magical power and just sometimes, a wrong righted. Cases can be anything from a wizard’s murder, to the appearance of a magical plague and even magical folk have their honey traps.


The other clients are magical creatures, finding a place within the largest city where they can if they choose, remove their masking spells and walk in their normal form if they wish. Keeping up the mask is trying, and just as they begin to relax in walks the final piece of the puzzle: the UN Attache for Magical Affairs. His presence can mean only one thing. It’s Friday Night, the clients are here, magical cases are in need of solving, and everybody noticed the Necromancy on Third Avenue….


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