The main focus of the game is the regular gatherings of superheroes, supervillains, and everything in between, at a BRIGHT facility in Geneva. Here human and super factions vie for power, recognition, glory, and occasionally punch each other through walls. Brave individuals fight to uphold justice and truth, while darker minds attempt to subvert and outwit for greed and entertainment. Who will come out on top? Will the humans ever truly accept the Supers? Will the recent arrival of mysterious aliens complicate matters? Tune in to the next exciting episode and find out!


Aahh, the world of 1973! So DIFFERENT, so INNOCENT, compared to the WORLD OF TODAY! But to understand this BRAVE NEW WORLD we live in and how it came about, we must travel BACK IN TIME to the VERY BEGINNING, and discover the ORIGINS of the SUPERHUMAN INDIVIDUALS who DEFINE it!

It was just an ORDINARY NIGHT– the night of January 13th, 1973. Children were tucked up in bed, while their parents busied themselves with the day ahead. Then, SUDDENLY and WITHOUT WARNING, the sky was FILLED with a mass of PURPLE SHOOTING STARS! Citizens gathered to watch the MYSTERIOUS and BEAUTIFUL phenomenon, unaware that their world was about to change… FOREVER!

The shooting stars fell to Earth as dense, purple crystals which would soon be known to the world as ENERGY X! Scientists warned the people to STAY AWAY from the meteorites, which emitted STRANGE RADIATION previously UNKNOWN TO SCIENCE! Meanwhile, astronomers tracked the radiation to its source- the far off star cluster of TAU CETI FIVE!

Soon, ORDINARY CITIZENS began to manifest STRANGE POWERS as they interacted with objects infused with ENERGY X! Seemingly every ability from the wildest dreams of comic book authors was suddenly REAL, and in the hands of PEOPLE LIKE YOU AND I!

Unfortunately, not all who come into GREAT POWER so easily are WORTHY of it! CRIME was soon at an ALL-TIME-HIGH as RUTHLESS VILLAINS and their GREEDY MINIONS plundered defenceless PUBLIC INSTITUTIONS and PRIVATE PROPERTY!

Just when it seemed like NO ONE could stop those fiends imbued with ENERGY X, a NEW WAVE of EMPOWERED CITIZENS began to appear! These VALIANT HEROES fought the VILLAINS, and over time beat them back into their SHADOWY LAIRS and out of the public eye!

The public outpouring of adoration for these MORTAL SAVIOURS was OVERWHELMING– but all was NOT AS IT SEEMED! The ‘heroes’ soon turned out to be little better than those they defeated, becoming DRACONIAN and DICTATORIAL OVERLORDS with WARPED IDEALS of law and justice! The people, JADED and ANGRY, turned against their heroes, stripping them of the privileges and positions they had granted – only to find that the FORCES OF EVIL had rallied and again begun to plague the world anew!

With this VICIOUS CYCLE continuing despite all attempts to end it, the NATIONS OF THE WORLD were at their WIT’S END, and resolved to form a SPECIAL DEPARTMENT to deal with the problem ONCE AND FOR ALL! Known simply as ‘BRIGHT’ after its chairman, ROBERT RIGHT, BRIGHT quickly nurtured connections with the most ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY COMPANIES in the world, offering LUCRATIVE CONTRACTS to those who could develop a solution to the SUPERPOWERED MENACE!

Meanwhile, the forces of good and evil fought to a STANDSTILL, causing UNTOLD COLLATERAL DAMAGE as their battles spilled over onto the STREETS of OUR FAIR CITIES! With neither side able to gain the upper hand, the rapid development and deployment of THE BRIGHT BATON– a simple stunstick able to DRAIN, WEAKEN, and even INCAPACITATE superpowered individuals, finally allowed ORDINARY MEN AND WOMEN a voice in the conflict!

With both sides and their resources EXHAUSTED, offered AMNESTY to all involved in the conflict on one condition- that they attend a MONTHLY GATHERING at BRIGHT HQ in GENEVA, SWITZERLAND! There, it is hoped, SUPERPOWERED INDIVIDUALS will be able to TALK THROUGH their differences without resorting to violence, under the watchful eye of BRIGHT SECURITY PERSONNEL!

Now, however, it is the BRAND NEW, EXCITING year of 1975! Though the CHAOS and RAVAGES of 1974 are far behind us, many NEW CHALLENGES– and OLD DISPUTES– are waiting just around the corner! Who are the BRAVE YOUNG HEROES– and DASTARDLY VILLAINS– who will doubtless RISE UP as ENERGY X continues to SHAPE OUR WORLD? STAY TUNED TO FIND OUT!


Two Seconds

Regardless of what abilities you have, you may make, at most, one call per two seconds. Similarly, you may never attack faster than one strike or one shot per two seconds. All strikes and swings, especially unarmed ones, should be slower and more dramatic than usual to convey a sense of power. This rule does not include meta-calls such as TIME STOP, NOTED, DODGED, FAILED, etc.