Emergence Rebooted


Emergence Rebooted is set 15 years after Emergence.


On the 28th of September 2030 David Meyell was found dead in his lab from an apparent aneurysm. With his death the Mind initiative lost momentum and there began to be increased public pressure lead by Stephen Parsons, an American anti-mind campaigner, for Minds to be switched off. Politicians warmed to this idea and things were set in motion to shut down the servers.

A coded signal was developed over the course of a year in order to initiate a mass shut down which was then sent out at the end of 2032. It became illegal to create new Minds and connect them to the internet, however much like video piracy the former was very difficult to police. The original algorithm was removed from public availability as much as possible but some people still found ways to access it and create Minds on small private local servers not connected to the internet.

It is now the year 2047, and 15 years after the shut down a signal is sent across the internet reactivating all the shut-down Minds. A brief investigation fails to reveal its origins but the signal has successfully turned on and reconnected all of the deactivated servers. The original shut down code is shown to have no effect and the best computer engineers begin work on a new shut down code but this is estimated to take several months. During this time there is no other choice but to leave the Minds active…